Semi Tire Repair

Semi Truck Tire Repair Details

Whether you’re stranded on the side of I30 in Benton or are in need of new tires for your truck altogether, we’d love to help!

We can also fix a semi flat tire and are near you and can get there fast!


Flat tire repair near you


Semi tire replacement


Tire replacements


Tire pressure check

Looking for semi tire repair near you?

Since we’re located right off highway 5 in Benton, Arkansas, we can get to you fast. If you’ve got a flat tire or need a tire replacement, we’re here to help. 

Schedule service for your tires by clicking the button below, or you can call our store at any time.

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DOT Inspections

Need a DOT inspection and a sticker to prove it? We’ve got you. 

Tire Fills & Replacements

Low tire? We can fix that, or replace your semi tires altogether. 

Brake Services

Squeaky brakes? We can change those for you, no problem. 

General Inspection

Need something else? We can inspect your truck and repair it!

Full Service Semi Repair

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